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We Lend in: CA, AZ, NV, OR, WA, FL

For Borrowers

Property Types:     N/O/O SFR/Condo, Multi-Family Units, Mixed Use, Warehouse,
Light Manuf.          Mobile Home Park, Light Industrial, Retail Center, Office Bldg.,
Interest Rates:        7.95% - 10.75%, Interest Only.
Prepayments:         0 to 6 months (Based on borrower’s strategy)
Terms:                     12 months to 36 months
Loan to Value:        Up to 80% LTV (Location/Collateral Type)
Loan Amounts:       $250k* to $5,000,000 (* will consider lower on case-by-case basis)
Originations Fee:    1.0 – 2.50 Points, depending on length of term and complexity
                                  of the transaction

No Documentation, No Tax Returns, No income proof necessary, Fair Rates.  If your case is accepted we have a 100% success rate. 

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At LionStar Properties, Inc., we want you to contact us if you own property.  We offer loans up to to 80% loan to value at fair rates.  Difficult or no document or no income requirements.  Funded in less than 7 days from application.  Please all us and we will help you.  

For Investors

“Smart Investments with Premium Yields”


At LionStar Properties, Inc., we want you to get the most out of your investment whether you are investing for retirement or shifting your IRA into real estate investing. Trust deeds typically yield between 7.99% and 12.5% annual interest.Put your money to work and receive a great return on your investment. Startyour trust deed investment account now.

Trust deeds offer a creative real estate investing avenue to clients looking forhigh yield income investments. Whether you want to bolster your savings or you are exploring options for earning retirement income, investing in trust deeds is a great way to earn a double digit returns on your investment. If you are new to
income investing through trust deeds, let the experts at Reality Capital introduce you to first trust deed investing.